Creating a Safe Community for All Our Members

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We are here to care for and protect one another…

Nativity of Our Lord Parish is committed to providing a safe environment for all our members, especially children and youth. As a community of disciples, it is important that we are all responsible and aware of the challenges and dangers that surround our members from child and spousal abuse to human trafficking and elder abuse.

In line with the expectations and guidelines set forth by the United States Catholic Bishops, volunteers who serve in any capacity with Nativity youth or vulnerable adults are required to complete a 3-fold screening process which includes: regular background checks, VIRTUS safe-environment training to help recognize and prevent abuse, and an annual code of conduct agreement.

If at any point you believe that someone is harming or abusing a young person or vulnerable adult, please report it directly to civil authorities - local police or other law enforcement. If it is abuse happening within the church, you can also report it to the Diocese of Green Bay (here) after reporting it to law enforcement.

For more information, please contact Tricia Westhoven at (920)499-5156.

The following are links to resources that provide more information on recognizing and preventing various forms of abuse.

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