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Our Vision

We invite all into a life of discipleship and a deeper relationship with God, our Creator, and Jesus Christ, our savior, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

We do this through shared worship, discipleship formation and sharing of the Gospel in our daily life.

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As in any family, our parish has needs. We have the need to learn about God and one another, the need for help inside and beyond the walls of the parish and also the needs met by supporting day-to-day operations of our ministry. What you find below are just the basics of the needs and opportunities available in our community - we encourage you to reach out to a staff member at the office to learn more about how your unique gifts and schedule can help meet the needs of this family of disciples.


christian Discipleship

Our baptism makes each one of us a disciple of Jesus, but discipleship is something we must learn and practice over a lifetime. Join us to to discover Jesus, follow Jesus, worship Jesus, and share Jesus.


Volunteer opportunities

Disciples, those baptized in Christ, are called to be supports, encouragers and helpers to those in need from our families, to our communities, to our world. Our parish family has wonderful opportunities for you to help practice your generous service.


Make a Donation

God is so generous with each of us. If you have a gift you wish to share with the parish, please let us know. Gifts of forms and sizes - weekly/monthly gifts, annual gifts, wills, bequests, stocks and more will be accepted.

This link will take you to our weekly/monthly giving site. If you wish to make a different donation, we suggest you contact the office to talk with someone one-on-one.

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Our Impact

Nativity Prayer Garden - Open to the Community for Prayer and Quiet

Nativity Prayer Garden - Open to the Community for Prayer and Quiet

As a Catholic Christian Church, striving to share Jesus with the world, we serve a diverse population and a wide geographical area that reaches from Lambeau Field to Austin Straubel Airport and includes Bay Park Square Mall and most of Ashwaubenon. We serve members from birth to death, baptisms to funerals and all stages and milestones in-between. We are a community of 1,300+ families and 4,400+ members dedicated to growing in relationship with Jesus and sharing his life-giving message with the world.

We serve several nursing homes, hospitals, and homebound members, more than a dozen high schools, middle schools and elementary schools. We are a contributing parish to the Green Bay Area Catholic Education System (GRACE system) as well as supporting students at Notre Dame Academy. We have more than 200 households active in our discipleship formation program all of whom are expected to worship and serve with us on a regular basis.


Years within the community

Nativity has been in the heart of Ashwaubenon, WI since 1964. We have cheered on the Pack, worked with countless families and business, and participated in village events. We are committed to the health and longevity not only of our members, but of our community.



Thousand Hours Shared

In our 50 year history we have partnered with parishioners and organizations alike to impact the lives of others in the name of the Gospel. We are committed to service and advocacy that brings life and growth to those we encounter and we encourage our parish family members to do the same.



Faith-filled pastors, Leaders and pastoral councils

As a part of the Diocese of Green Bay, and as a church built in the glow of Vatican II, we have been blessed with the significant collaboration between faith-filled pastors and lay leadership answering their calls to live their baptism in Jesus.

 Our pastoral team is here for you. Please reach out to any one of us and we will do whatever we can to walk with you.

Take care of your body as if you were going to live forever. Take care of your soul as if you were going to die tomorrow.

- St. Augustine, Doctor of the Church