Protecting Our Children

Thank you so much for being willing to invest in our parish’s faith journey. Your presence and commitment is an example to all of us.

As a parish family, we need to be sure that anyone serving around our parish is prepared to support and protect our children and our vulnerable adults. As part of the national and diocesan efforts to end abuse, everyone ministering around or with our youth and/or vulnerable adults are expected to complete a background check, our one-time VIRTUS awareness session, and an annual code of conduct. It is important that we are all well versed on the signs of abuse so that we can be protectors of all the vulnerable in our community.

The good news is that most of the process is at your fingertips

VIRTUS Session

VIRTUS Instructions


Be sure to setup a VIRTUS account after registering for your session.

Code of Conduct

This document is available at your parish through your ministry’s coordinator or the Local Safe Environment Coordinator (LoSEC). At Nativity, your LoSEC is our business manager, Tricia Westhoven.