Follow Jesus

“Before one can evangelize, one must be evangelized. Before one can disciple others, one must be a disciple.”

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Become His disciple by loving and learning from Him. Become engaged in the Church and the life of discipleship.

It is all about renewing our personal encounter with Our Lord and learning to journey in life and faith with Him each day closely for the rest of our lives.

  • Make space for Jesus - immerse yourself in God’s word - scripture, reflections on scripture, the lives of the Saints

  • Seek healing

  • Practice imitating Jesus - be present, offer mercy, be attentive, be welcoming


What is a disciple?

The word disciple comes from the Greek word mathetes meaning pupil/student of the master. It is an apprenticeship in faith.

  • A disciple is one who follows Jesus, loves Him, wants to learn from Him, be with Him and share Him with others.

  • A disciple is one who is baptized, confirmed and who practices the faith joyfully.

What is a missionary disciple?

A missionary disciple is someone who:

  • Introduces others to Jesus

  • Accompanies others on their Way

  • Invites and accompanies others to Sunday Worship and the Sacraments

  • Inspires, forms, equips and sends others on mission to share Jesus and make disciples


Reflection questions

In what ways am I following Jesus in my life?

How does Jesus call me to follow Him in my ministry?

Where are the places in my own life where I am in need of healing?

Who can accompany me on my healing journey?

How can I reach out with Christ’s healing love to those entrusted to my care?