Check Out Our NEW Website!

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We know that most people visit a church website upwards of 3 times before they set foot through the doors of our building! We can share Jesus through so many relationships and tools today. Join us as we embark on this new digital journey of discipleship! Our new website, is designed to help you do exactly that!

The rationale behind the new domain for our emails (which is also the address of the new website though we will maintain ownership and forwarding of is that most churches use their non-profit option as a .org because we are more accurately identified that way versus as a corporation. Moreover, shifting from “parish” to “disciples” accurately reflects our vision to be a people of Jesus at all times not simply a building, location or a weekly gathering of a community.

Also, all emails are now (firstname)(lastinitial) with the exception of Father Mike who is Please update your records, but also know that you can find our contact info on the staff page of the new website!

I pray that the Holy Spirit continues to guide us as we maintain and grow this digital doorway!